Personal Trainer, East Grinstead

I have always believed that life’s richest treasure is your health, yet I know from time to time throughout our lives it’s hard to keep focused. There are so many things outside of our control that are being thrown at us every day from every direction - whether it is family responsibilities, trying to maintain a social life, work and / or running a house. All of these factors are the driving force behind my passion in wanting to help people find, and even enjoy, a balanced healthy lifestyle. I have, like everyone else, had highs and lows throughout my life and fully endorse that a healthy body is a healthy mind. Whether that means you want to build confidence, lose weight or simply tone up, together we can improve the quality of your life through nutrition and a tailored fitness programme, making your health and fitness goals become a reality.

Life is always busy, believe me I know. I have been an on-call fireman for 10 years and a father of three boys. My fitness journey started over 20 years ago. I was unfit and unhappy and decided to do something about it. I transformed my lifestyle and with that gained a wealth of personal experience and knowledge which drove and inspired me to become a personal trainer.

Since I discovered my passion for health and fitness, I have had a hunger to continually improve and develop my skills. At the age of 40 I came first in a Strong Man competition, which has given me great experience in strength and conditioning training. As my body muscle tone developed, I decided to look at other forms of competition. With this in mind I decided to leave Strong Man behind and concentrate on competing in the category of Masters Men’s Physique. I applied all of my knowledge and experience for a year and a half and in October 2018 I achieved a place in the top 10 at the UKBFF (United Kingdom Body Building and Fitness Federation) just a month shy of my 45th birthday. This was a massive experience and I learnt a lot about self-discipline and body transformation. I will continue to compete and strive for first place. The continuing experience and knowledge that I gain, I will use to support and empower you.

I joined PureGym in East Grinstead as a member of the fitness team in November 2018. I have various roles within the gym, including working to assist my clients as a personal trainer. I also teach group classes which are open to people of all levels and abilities. The classes I currently take at PureGym are Pump, Burn it, Strength 45, Absolute Abs and Boot Camp. All comprise different exercises and routines and can be adjusted to your ability. Everyone is welcome.

I really enjoy working with people on a one to one basis and helping them to transform or achieve their goals. Seeing clients feeling good and feeling proud of what they have achieved gives me a real sense of accomplishment. I always take pride in my clients’ results and enjoyment, welcoming anyone to train with me regardless of experience, skill or fitness level.

The success of your health and fitness development will always be personal to me.

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